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Sherbime projektimi pėr projekte te financuara nga Fondi i Zhvillimit te Rajoneve (FZHR), Bashkia Durres.

District Durrės
Loan No
Source of Loan/Financed by: Albanian Government
Loan Amount by Currency
Project Title Projects financed by the Albanian Government
Description of the Project Budget: 23.7 billion Lek
Financed by: Albanian Government
Timeline: Starts in 2014 and ends in 2019.
GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE: In the 12 Regions (Qark) of Albania, 35 municipalities;
Beneficiaries: 2 million inhabitants;
Objective: Improve the living conditions of the inhabitants all over the country, increase access to basic services, promote tourism, and encourage the agricultural sector by financing large projects of regional impact. Investments are in full compliance with the vision of the Albanian Government for the urban transformation of the city centers, road infrastructure, and water supply.
Tender object Shėrbime projektimi pėr projekte tė financuara nga Fondi i Zhvillimit tė Rajoneve (FZHR), Bashkia Durrės.
Reference No.
CPV Code
Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT 41,666,666
Type of Contract Framework Agreements
Procurement Method Consultancy Procedure
Stage Procedure Announced Procurement
Tender Announcement Date
Opening Date for Submission of Bids
Closing Date for Submission of Bids 01-02-2016
No. of Bidders
Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
The winning bid ALL without vat
Bidder Announcement date
Contract date
Contract Value including VAT
Contract Milestones Due Dates Sipas termave te references
Cancellation reason
Transaction / Actual Spending
Relevant published Bulletin Contracts signed under the Framework Agreement
Tender Announcement Nr.02 - Dt.18-01-2016
Announcement of Winner
Announcement of Contract Signing

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