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“Supervizion punimesh Mbrojtje lumore nga km 9+040 deri në km 9+240 në aksin Milot Morinë”

Procuring Authority / Buyer Albanian Road Authority
Procuring Authority / Buyer Autoriteti Rrugor Shqiptar
Tender object “Supervizion punimesh Mbrojtje lumore nga km 9+040 deri në km 9+240 në aksin Milot Morinë”
Reference No. REF-64445-03-31-2023
Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT 2 965 676,00
Type of Contract
Procurement Method Consultancy Procedure
Stage Procedure Signed the Contract
Tender Publication Date 03-04-2023
Last date of Submitted Documents 14-04-2023
Tender Held Date 14-04-2023
No. of Bidders 2
Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • The winning bid ALL without vat 2 600 000,00
    Bidder Announcement date 31-05-2023
    Award and Contract Amount ALL with VAT 3180000
    Contract date 14-06-2023
    Planned Milestones of Contract / Start and End Date 9 muaj
    Renewal Contract Additional Value (ALL with VAT)
    Appeals Nuk ka pasur ankesa.
    Nuk ka operatore ekonomike te skualifkuar.
    Cancellation reason
    Transaction / Actual Spending
  • Public Announcement Bulletin
    Announcement of Procurement
    Standard Tender Documents
    Bidder Announcement
    Signing of the Contract Buletini Nr. 64 datë 24 Korrik 2023
    Cancellation of Procurement
    Procesverbal "Per argumentimin dhe miratimin e specifikimeve teknike dhe kritereve per kualifikim "


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