Open Procurement Albania

Designing, Building, Financing, Operating, Maintaining and Transferring the South-East Public Transport Terminal Tirana

Partner / Concesionary Qeverisja Vendore Tiranë
Contract's Object
Procurement Method Request for Proposal
Concession's Status Announced on Planned Registers
Concessionary Company
  • Last date of Submitted Documents
    Concession's Held Date
    No. of Bidders
    Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • Cost of Concession
    Concession's Duration 20
    Concession's Announcement Date
    The winning bid ALL without vat
    Bidder Announcement date
    Award and Contract Amount ALL with VAT
    Contract date
    Planned Milestones of Contract / Start and End Date
    Cancellation reason
    Public Announcement Bulletin
    Concessionaire Agreement/Acts

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