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BOT Underground Parking at Rinia Park

Partner / Concesionary Qeverisja Vendore Tiranë
Contract's Object Concession of BOT type (construction, operation and transferring to the state) of the Underground parking at Rinia Park. Parking capacity is 1 342 seats. Investment value is ALL 1 973 932 800 (one billion and nine hundred seventy three million and nine hundred and thirty two thousand. The deadline of putting the object (construction) into use is 15 months. Concession duration is 35 years. Concessionary fee to be obtained from Concessionary Authority, Tirana Municipality, is 10% of the profit. Parking fees are 120 ALL/hour during the first hour; the fee during the II-IV is ALL 50 per each 30 minute; The fee for IV – XII of parking hour is ALL 40 per each 30 minute. The day ticket price is ALL 100, the price of the ticket during the night from 22 o'clock PM up to 7 o'clock AM is ALL 500. The monthly ticket price is ALL 12 000, the quarterly ticket is ALL 34 000 and six month ticket is ALL 60 000. Organization criteria for special categories: 30 seats for disabled people vehicles will be free of charge; the monthly fixed fee for 140 seats for public institutions will be ALL 6 000, 160 seats for residents will be provided with a monthly fee of ALL 10 000 and 73 seats for business with a monthly fee of ALL 12 000. The bid concerning compliance with Environment Standards is not defined.
Procurement Method
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Concession's Status Signed the Contract
Concessionary Company
  • L61719010E
  • "Tirana Parking"
  • Last date of Submitted Documents
    Concession's Held Date
    No. of Bidders
    Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • K32022001U
  • T A I W A N SHPK
  • Cost of Concession 1,973,932,800.00
    Concession's Duration 35
    Concession's Announcement Date 16-02-2009
    The winning bid ALL without vat
    Bidder Announcement date
    Award and Contract Amount ALL with VAT
    Contract date
    Planned Milestones of Contract / Start and End Date
    Cancellation reason
    Public Announcement Bulletin Buletini APP Date 16.02.2009
    Concessionaire Agreement/Acts

    Council of Ministers Decision, No.1181, Dated 23.07.2008 for “Designation of the Contracting Authority on providing the Underground Parking at "Rinia" park, Tirana, by Local Concession and approval of the bonus to be provided to the company at the selective competitive procedure”
    Municipal Council Decision, No. 36, Dated 29.09.2008 for “ Designation of the form of Providing with concession of two Underground Parking of Tirana city”
    Bulletin of PPA, Dated 16.02.2009, Announcement of the invitation for bid
    The paperwork with protocol No. 4207, Dated 06.05.2009, addressed from the Chairman of Bids Evaluation Commission to T A I W A N LLC, for the announcement and classification of the company
    The summery report with Protocol No. 4663, Dated 20.05.2009 on the “Evaluation of the bids for providing the Underground Parking at Rinia Park, Tirana with Local Concession".
    Relation on: “Approval of the terms of Concessionary contract for the Underground Parking at "Rinia" Park, dated 23.12.2015

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