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Concession/Public Private Partnership (PBOTM) On Improvement of Educational Infrastructure of Tirana Municipality in Tirana 1 Zone

Partner / Concesionary Qeverisja Vendore Tiranë
Contract's Object On improvement of Educational Infrastructure of Tirana Municipality for Design, Financing, Building, Furniture, Maintenance, Supervision and Technical Control of five educational objects in Tirana 1 zone” Municipality of Tirana in the capacity of "Contracting Authority ", invites Economic Operators to participate in an international procedure of Concession/Public Private Partnership for detailed design and implementation of construction of five education objects in Tirana 1 Zone, furniture and their ordinary and extraordinary furniture maintenance, supervision and technical control in line with procedures and terms defined in these tendering documents, as well as terms of the contract. The evaluated cost of the project is 1.940.859.276 (one billion nine hundred forty million eight hundred fifty nine thousand two hundred and seventy six) leke without VAT. The Contracting Authority has envisaged a payment of the invested amount for the concessionary in the course of a 7 year period from the moment of the handing-in of the object, as well as envisages the reimbursement for a time value of money, i.e. an income margin at maximum of 6,28 % per year for the remaining value. The concessionary shall cover with own incomes the entire investment for designing, building, furniture, equipment of laboratories, maintenance, supervision and technical control, as well as functionality of these objects. The education objects shall be build and be functional in a deadline of about 18 (eighteen) months from the day of signature of the contract. After the construction and functioning of the educational objects, the concenssionary/PPP will maintain them for a 7 (seven) year period. After the construction, the Contracting Authority will pay the concenssionary/PPP a defined annual amount until the full payment of the invested amount.
Procurement Method Open Procedure
Concession's Status Announced the Winner
Concessionary Company
  • L81729026T
  • Shoqëria Koncesionare Z.M.A
  • Last date of Submitted Documents 08-01-2018
    Concession's Held Date 08-01-2018
    No. of Bidders 4
    Bidders 1.“SENKA” shpk
    2. “FILIPPETI s.p.a”
    3.“Bruçi” shpk
    4.“AGI KONS” shpk & “MET ENGENEERING” shpk & “ZENIT&CO” shpk
    Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • K21622001M-L52025007R-K61731002D
  • “AGI KONS” shpk (K21622001M) & “MET ENGENEERING” shpk(L52025007R) & “ZENIT&CO” shpk (K61731002D)
  • Cost of Concession 1,940,859,276.00
    Concession's Duration 7(shtatë) vite e 18 (tetëmbëdhjetë ) muaj.
    Concession's Announcement Date 03-11-2017
    The winning bid ALL without vat 1,600,860,000
    Bidder Announcement date 15-02-2018
    Award and Contract Amount ALL with VAT
    Contract date
    Planned Milestones of Contract / Start and End Date
    Cancellation reason
    Public Announcement Bulletin
    Concessionaire Agreement/Acts

    Announcement of the contract
    Standard Concession Documents
    Feasibility study
    Decision of the Municipal Council Nr. 81, dated 26.07.2017
    The Council of Ministers decision Nr. 353, dated 19.4.2017
    Supplement for correction Zone 1
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