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Blerje Eskavator Krahegjate

A Red Flag is a fact, event, or set of circumstances, or other information that may indicate a potential legal compliance concern for illegal or unethical business conduct, particularly with regard to corrupt practices and non-compliance with anti-corruption laws.

  • Disqualification of all competitive operators except the winner
  • Disqualification of all competitive operators except the winner

Procuring Authority / Buyer Nderrmarrja Rruga Durres
Procuring Authority / Buyer Local Unit Durrës
Tender object Blerje Eskavator Krahegjate
Reference No. REF-41388-09-12-2022
Estimated / Ceiling Value ALL without VAT 33 330 000,00
Type of Contract
Procurement Method Open Procedure
Stage Procedure Signed the Contract
Tender Publication Date 13-09-2022
Last date of Submitted Documents 29-09-2022
Tender Held Date 29-09-2022
No. of Bidders 2
Successful Bidder /Supplier / Provider
  • The winning bid ALL without vat 31 490 000,00
    Bidder Announcement date 22-11-2022
    Award and Contract Amount ALL with VAT 37788000
    Contract date 12-12-2022
    Planned Milestones of Contract / Start and End Date 90 dite
    Renewal Contract Additional Value (ALL with VAT)
    Appeals Nuk ka pasur ankesa.

    Eshte skualifikuar operatori ekonomike i meposhtem:
    1. 2. LEXALKO dhe HYDROPOWER SHPK, per arsye:
    -nuk ka permbushur kriteret per kualifikim te percaktuara ne dokumentet e tenderit: -Nuk plotesjone specifikimet e pergjithshme sipas shtojces nr.5, ato deklarohen me shtojcen nr.8 por bien ndesh me specifikimet ne katalogun e paraqitur nga bashkimi i operatoreve per Eskavatorin SANY SY305SL, perkatesisht:
    Forca germuese e koves jo me pak se 200kn, ne katalog eshte 87 kn
    Forca germuese e krahut jo me pak se 150kn, ne katalog eshte 67 kn
    Kapaciteti mbajtes i koves jo me pak se 0.75m3 , ne katalog eshte 0.7 m3
    -Nuk plotesojne piken 2.3.5 kapaciteti, pasi ka autorizim nga SANY Itali vetem per shitje pjese kembimi, servis per eskavatoret SANY dhe jo per tregtim (shtije) eskavatoresh.
    Cancellation reason
    Transaction / Actual Spending
  • Public Announcement Bulletin
    Announcement of Procurement
    Standard Tender Documents
    Bidder Announcement Buletini Nr. 167 datë 5 Dhjetor 2022
    Signing of the Contract Buletini Nr. 176 datë 27 Dhjetor 2022
    Procesverbal "Për argumentimin dhe miratimin e specifikimeve teknike dhe kritereve për kualifikim"


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